Friday, July 10, 2009

Withdrawing money from PayPal

After blogging for several months and have earned some bucks to my PayPal account, i tried to withdraw money from my PayPal account to my local bank account.

Because of this is my first experience in withdrawing money i begin to search information from the internet so that i would not do some mistake when do this transaction.

If you did some mistake in your account information your local bank will reject your money and this rejection will charge you $5 or Rp.50.000,00 in Indonesian Rupiah so i input correctly my local bank code and my account number. In this case my local bank is Bank Central Asia(BCA). we need to input bank code that have 7 digit. The first 3 digit are our bank code that given from Government (BCA code = 014) and last 4 digits are the bank branch code.

The rejection also can be happened if your PayPal account's name is different from your local bank account's name. For Indonesian people this can be problem because usually many people in Indonesia don not have a last name like me.

When we want to apply for PayPal account last name is a must so for some people who didn't have a last name this can be a problem. I my self put my family name as my last name when i create an account in PayPal so my PayPal account's name of course different from my local bank account name.

So how i can withdraw money from PayPal?
in order to solve this problem i contact PayPal customer service to remove my last name in PayPal account. They answered me quickly but unfortunately they couldn't help me because the last name in PayPal account is a must they said but they could help me to change my last name become ",".

I didn't know whether with this new name i can withdraw money to my local bank, so in 3 rd July in tried to withdraw $23 to my local bank. Thanks to God my money receive without any rejection from my local bank at 6 July. :)

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