Tuesday, December 15, 2009

credit repair

Many people starting a credit repair program are under the misconception that the credit bureaus are in some way connected to the government. It is easy to understand this perception. But, as influential as they are, the credit bureaus have no government blessing, charter, or otherwise. They are big business. There are three credit bureaus that count. They are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. They are in the business of gathering credit data about you and selling it to potential creditors.

if you have bad credit, you should first see what you can do to get negative items removed from your reports. After you have done everything to get the negatives removed, then it is wise to start rebuilding your credit. You want to start off small when rebuilding your credit, especially if you are strapped for cash. Start with a couple secured credit cards or contact your local credit union and see if they will give you a low limit unsecured credit card. After about 3-6 months of paying, your credit scores will slowly start to climb up and your payments should only be $10-$20 per month.

It's possible to repair your credit a little quicker if you have more money available, but this is the best way to repair bad credit when you're on a budget. Remember, the first thing you should do is try to remove the negatives from your credit report.

You also can find any information you need online.Searching for the best bad credit repair site that can give you the best solution for all your problem. Knowing your status in life is the beginning of repairing bad credit.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

PayPal wishlist in FaceBook

Several days ago, my friend sent me a link to a paypal request in facebook...
in this wishlist you can post 5 items that you want to buy and share the link with your friends.

But, the great things is by just adding your wishlist you already get your first $1. create and share your paypal wishlist and you will earn $1 for every friends you refer who adds this application.

only PayPal account holders registered in India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore or Vietnam will eligible to earn cash back. This promotion is valid until December 31st, 2009 or until funds last

PayPal Wishlist

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