Monday, June 29, 2009

my first payment fron joy-click

After waiting almost 12 days , my joy-click payment finally arrived. When i check my email today there are an information from PayPal that i got fund..

I got $0.03 from my first payment because i just wanna test whether they really pay or not and they proof me that they can be trusted.

This is the proof of payment screen shoot:

If you wanna get some cash from PTC site that can be trusted, you can join joy-click that has a very low payout.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Joy-Click paid to click low payout

Joy-Click is one of PTC site that i have recently join. I am interested in this site because it's has a very low payout.Not like another PTC site that have a very high payout, Joy-Click's payout only $0.02 to your PayPal.

In a day we can click 5 advertiser if we are a free member.Upgrade your member you can get more benefit from this site.

Yesterday i have withdrawn $0.03, after i got the payment i will post the proof of payment in my blog.:)

Happy earning ....

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

GptTreasure - get paid to do offers

Another interesting website i found. They pay us to complete a simple offers like sign up or another interesting offers.

After finishing the offers claim it and you will get paid in 24-48 hours using PayPal.
In GptTreasure there are 2 offers: International offers and special country offers such as special for US member, UK member and another country.

There are also an offer special for gold member that have higher payout.
Is not like another website to be a gold member we don't need to pay anything but just seriously do and offers, join forum and can understand English. They will choose us to become their gold member.

If you interested in this site you can check it out here and sign up now:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

do offers and get paid is unique website that offer you some jobs to do to make money.
There are free offer that specially for USA member, International offers and another offers that each jobs has their own payout value.

They also have survey online, but you can do a survey just once a day. every survey payout $ 1.

After you complete the jobs just click claim button and they will add you earning to your account.Once your earning reach $ 10, they pay you instantly via PayPal.

You can see the proof of payment here : payment proof.

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Get paid to post ads

Get paid to post ads is become you regular jobs from Gogonai in order to get your commission from this company. These jobs are provided every month and they will pay you every week (on Monday).

Gogonai coorperation has running this business since 2006 and open for world wide-international member.

There are several jobs position in gogonai and every position have different registration fee and monthly income. You can choose to become a reseller, basic, marketing, supervisor or partnership.

Gogonai pay their member via e-gold for International member and or BCA, Mandiri, Lippo, Permata Bank for indonesian when your income reaches min $50.

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