Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Joy-Click paid to click low payout

Joy-Click is one of PTC site that i have recently join. I am interested in this site because it's has a very low payout.Not like another PTC site that have a very high payout, Joy-Click's payout only $0.02 to your PayPal.

In a day we can click 5 advertiser if we are a free member.Upgrade your member you can get more benefit from this site.

Yesterday i have withdrawn $0.03, after i got the payment i will post the proof of payment in my blog.:)

Happy earning ....

Join here :


TriNi said...

Do they pay well? I've seen alot about them ... The only site I've been with so far that's a PTC site is youdata.. I found that they are by far the best paying up to 25cents per click.. and actually paying too! Every Friday, No minimum payouts..

Scients said...

i am waiting for their payment, if i've got the payment i will post in my blog.

Your ptc site sound interesting, i will try it :)

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