Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My First Entrecard Payment

Horee...I've got the first payment from Entrecard. I have use EntreCard for long time ago, until i saw at my entrecard dashboard that Entrecard Credit already can be transferred to cash out credit.

It need about month to be approved and after that we already can transfer out Entrecard credit to cash out credit.

Yup, this is my first payment from

Friday, July 24, 2009

new member of NeoBux

NeoBux, i already knew this PTC site several months ago but i just apply for become a member just several hours ago :).

I already saw many of another member payment proof and their earning is quite good. I just wanna know how they can earn so much money from a PTC site because i saw they get $5-$10 from their payout.

The click rate is $0.02 for each click, so in order to make $10 we need to click 500 advertising ads. Oh..i think it need a hard work and much time to do. But never mind, just wanna give a try to a new ways to make money online.

I hope i can get many referral from this program so can help me to earn faster.
if you wanna try NeoBux just sign up here:


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

get up to $10 every month from Entrecard

Entrecard is one of blogging network that have a very big members. Entrecard works like these, every Entrecard member place a widget in their page, so if you visit another blog just press drop to show that you have visited their site.

Everytimes you drop or another members drop your card, you will get entrecard credit.
at first this credit is used to advertiser at another member cards, but nowadays this credit can be convert to cash and withdraw to your PayPal account.

For now the rate is $1 for 10000 entrecard credits. Every member can do drops for 300 times and get 300 entrecard credits. So for a month you can collect 9000 entrecard credits or equal to $9/month. This credits just from your dropping, likes say that every blog that you drop also drop your card and than you will also get 300 credit a days.

Entrecard become a blogging network that have double benefit for you, increase your blog visitor and also can give you some bucks every month. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Paid-to-promote Payment Again

Today i also got my payment from PTP beside payment from BRL forum.
Just simple copy and paste the PTP code to your blog and that's all. You no need to do anything to get paid from this site.

They paid twice a month to your PayPal account after your balance reach $0.01. They will credited every visitor from USA, Great British, and Australia to your PTP account balance.

This is the proof of payment:

Money From BRL forum

You've got money! from BRL forum, yeah that is what i've read from my email today. Really a good email for today :).

After several months vacuum in this forum because of my full activity, i started posting again last week.

Posting and posting again until i reach my payout amount BRL$200 or $2.22.
Sent a private message to Admin and that's all, you will got paid. BRL forum paid twice a month, 15 and 1 every month.
this is the proof :

so join now here:
Sign up now for free and begin making money from posting.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Payout again from Joy-click

This is the second payment from joy-click. Lower payout from joy-click make me no need to wait for a long time to request payout like another PTC.

every day you will get 5 advertiser link to be clicked and the rate have increase from $0.002 become $0.003, and there will 2 links that have $0.005, so although you are a free member you already can request payout in 2 days. :)

This is my second payment :

Join Joy-Click here:

Withdrawing money from PayPal

After blogging for several months and have earned some bucks to my PayPal account, i tried to withdraw money from my PayPal account to my local bank account.

Because of this is my first experience in withdrawing money i begin to search information from the internet so that i would not do some mistake when do this transaction.

If you did some mistake in your account information your local bank will reject your money and this rejection will charge you $5 or Rp.50.000,00 in Indonesian Rupiah so i input correctly my local bank code and my account number. In this case my local bank is Bank Central Asia(BCA). we need to input bank code that have 7 digit. The first 3 digit are our bank code that given from Government (BCA code = 014) and last 4 digits are the bank branch code.

The rejection also can be happened if your PayPal account's name is different from your local bank account's name. For Indonesian people this can be problem because usually many people in Indonesia don not have a last name like me.

When we want to apply for PayPal account last name is a must so for some people who didn't have a last name this can be a problem. I my self put my family name as my last name when i create an account in PayPal so my PayPal account's name of course different from my local bank account name.

So how i can withdraw money from PayPal?
in order to solve this problem i contact PayPal customer service to remove my last name in PayPal account. They answered me quickly but unfortunately they couldn't help me because the last name in PayPal account is a must they said but they could help me to change my last name become ",".

I didn't know whether with this new name i can withdraw money to my local bank, so in 3 rd July in tried to withdraw $23 to my local bank. Thanks to God my money receive without any rejection from my local bank at 6 July. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

get free $125 from Tissa

Have you ever try this site,
Yeah, the owner of this site Tissa will give you $125 commission to complete 3 steps to create your own search engine.

here are the steps:
1. they will ask you to sign up to 3 site.
this is very simple, just a few minute you will can continue to steps 2.

2. you need to host a domain for your new search engine.
in this steps you will need to pay $10 for hosting a domain for you new search engine, but don't worry if you don't wanna pay him just let it for several days and Tissa will tell you via email that he already complete your steps 2 and now you can continue to steps 3.

3.This is the last steps to get your free $125.
you will need to subscribe a payment to Tissa for $39/month,but the payment for the first month is free so after getting your $125 you can cancel your subscription.
It's very simple.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ask2Link July Payment

This month my ask2link payment come late, usually i already get my payment at 1 st monthly, but this month my payment come on 3 July.

But, the important thing is i've received my payment this month, thanks God.
This the proof of payment:

You can earn $20 every advertiser that you refer that have minimum purchase $50 ..
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