Wednesday, July 8, 2009

get free $125 from Tissa

Have you ever try this site,
Yeah, the owner of this site Tissa will give you $125 commission to complete 3 steps to create your own search engine.

here are the steps:
1. they will ask you to sign up to 3 site.
this is very simple, just a few minute you will can continue to steps 2.

2. you need to host a domain for your new search engine.
in this steps you will need to pay $10 for hosting a domain for you new search engine, but don't worry if you don't wanna pay him just let it for several days and Tissa will tell you via email that he already complete your steps 2 and now you can continue to steps 3.

3.This is the last steps to get your free $125.
you will need to subscribe a payment to Tissa for $39/month,but the payment for the first month is free so after getting your $125 you can cancel your subscription.
It's very simple.

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