Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No Paid Ads from Entrecard

After getting paid once from Entrecard, i tried to transfer my Entrecard credit to cash out credit. But what's going on, one day, two days, one week, two week my payment didn't come.

So i tried to visit Entrecard's blog to see what was exactly going on. After reading their post 'Good Bye, Paid Ads', i just knew that Entrecard had no longer accept paid ads and because of that there are no more credit could be cashout.

They did this because so many entrecard member disagree with this cashout system. They don't want entrecard become Paid to Click Program because of this credit cashout program.

I myself really like this cashout program because beside we can get traffic from entrecard we can also got some bucks. $1 for 1000 EC, it's good enough.

Now i have more than 6000 EC in my EC account and i will not use it, i will save it and hope there are new cashout program again lol.

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