Thursday, May 21, 2009

Make Money Kingdom-Paid Forum

I found another Paid forum:
MMK is the short form for MakeMoneyKindgdom, a money making forum which is offers great information, value and even excellent rates for just posting online at the forum

the current rate are:

You will get 4 Gold Coins For Threads
You will get 3 Gold Coins For Replies
You will get 25 Gold Coins For Active Referrals (More than 30 posts)

Once you have reached 1000 gold coins You can request payout. Each Gold coin equals to $0.01 USD. To request payout you need to make a thread about payout at the end of the month (25th – 31st) with this form filled in:

Username : scients
Amount To Request (In Gold Coins) : (example: 1000)
PayPal / Moneybookers Address : (example: [PayPal]

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