Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get Paid to write post about sponsor's site

Writing a post is become the main activity for blogger.Don't you know that this simple job that we usually did can give us some bucks??

You can join Blogsvertise and create an account there..submit you blog and you can begin to make money from every post you did.

Blogsvertise will give you a simple task to do. Just look around on the sponsor's website and then write a blog entry on your blog about what you think of it. You can write positive or negative thoughts on this website- the product, the layout of the site, any personal experiences you have had that relate to this kind of product, etc.

The blog entry has to be 100 words in length at least, and please no copying and pasting from the sponsor's website. You have to provide a link in the blog entry to the sponsor's site. Then, when you are done and have published the blog entry to your blog, click on the time in the blog entry to create a permanent link, and submit this using the link provided in the assignment email.

Blogsvertise will pay their member using PayPal after 30 days your task have complete and approve.

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