Friday, October 28, 2011

Invest your money and get high interest

HyperCompound is an ideal investment platform which satisfies any demanding investor. they are offering profitable investment opportunities - time deposits and call deposits which were proven to be convenient and reliable financial instruments to multiply your savings. There are 10 investment levels which depend on deposit amount. Your investment level will change automatically when you reach next level's minimum deposit amount either by adding funds to your account or by using compounding feature (reinvest). Interest is paid every business day at 19:00 GMT, and investor can withdraw interest anytime.

For new clients they offer a time deposit with a term of 100 business days, which will be automatically converted into a call deposit after 100 business days period. During these 100 business days bonus interest paid will raise every business day by 0.01% until it reaches 1%. They take fee for premature time contract cancellation (principal return fee) which is decreased by 1% every business day from 100% to 0%. After 100 business days you can request principal return anytime without any fee. In example, if you had invested 1000 USD with us for 80 days, and request principal return, the fee will be 20%. If you decide to invest back to us, they offer you same bonus interest and principal return fee which were available to you at the moment of previous principle return (contract cancellation).

10 reason to choose hypercompound
1. Up to 4% daily
2. Deposit and Withdraw anytime
3. Compounding available
4. Interest raise every day
5. 10 investment levels
6. Start with as low as $1
7. 5 years of experience
8. 3 level affiliate program
9. Experienced and friendly support
10. Hacker Proof & DDoS protected

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