Monday, April 18, 2011

Get Paid $10 -$15 Per JOB

Get Paid $10 - $15 Per Job, This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. This is a legitimate way to make money by posting their ads material into any type of website.

The more Jobs You DO the more money you can earn.

This company are running this Business for 5 Years until now.

They have 5 kind of Memberships available to join:

1. Reseller (since March 01, 2011, Reseller get 2 Montly Job)
2. Basic
3. Marketing
4. Supervisor
5. Partnership

Here is what You will get If you join today:
1. Job Training, we pay you $10 for commission.
2. Job Regular or Monthly Job. We pay you $10 till $15 for each job depend your membership. We give 5 - 9 jobs every month.
3. Unlimited Job Bonus, We pay $15 for each Job Bonus.
4. Join their Affiliate Program FREE and they pay you up to $45 commission per paid member.
5. Performance Bonus, they pay $30 for qualified member.
6. Get Free Member for their Business Network and get paid
7. Free Online Tutorial, Ebook Tutorial , etc

The Minimum Payout is $50 and you can reach the minimum payout in 1 or 2 month depend on your membership.

JOIN now :

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