Thursday, October 29, 2009


Nowadays to earn real money in internet, we need to find trusted sites that already have the proof of payment to their member because many of them are scam. They get our money when we joined to their site but didn’t pay us anything we’ve got. We also need to join many forums to share information about the scam site so we can get the real gold in internet.

There are many sites that offer us free money, like get paid to click (PTC) site that the most simple program to get money, just click and you already being paid. But not all of them pay us. I ever joined some PTC sites and after getting some bucks the web site was closed. How sad because it’s really difficult to collect bucks in PTC site because the earning is very low.

Now, I just want to try about investing in the internet. Like what I found in, they will train us in investing stock market and testing it before we decided to join the real one. But I am not sure about what kind of stock usually we sell and buy in stock market buy gold bullions, silver, or another thing. I always interesting about investing but I am to scare to start it.

You also can invest your money by purchasing gold coins. Gold is the best thing to invest I think. Maybe you can purchase some gold coins and sell it to gold coin collector. LOL …
Not really a bad idea.

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