Monday, February 16, 2009

Get paid to place banner ads- $10/month/banner

Get paid to place ads’ program that was offered by was become a phenomenal program to all publisher who want to get money from an easy and simple way. However, after had closed, I tried to search another similar program to increase my revenue from my blog. After searching for several times, I found a site that also offering an interesting making money program., it offer us to place a banner ads in our home page and after our site was bought in their market place, they will pay us via check or paypal.

The price for 1-banner ads is $2.5/week. Therefore, if you place 4 banners in your site you already can make $ 40 a month. You can place more banners in your site, but the banner size is 125x125 so is not a good idea to place too many banner ads in your one site.


It is also very simple to join and there are no specific requirement to join like in text-link-ads that needed a higher page rank from your site to become their member.

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Vinay Rai said...

Well discovered mate. I think real genuine advertising programs are so hard to find. Everyone is running after Google Adsense and YPN. It is time we look for alternatives, to Adsense program.
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